Capenwray Capers

Another great day Sports Diver training at Capenwray!

On my last trip in December, it started to snow just as we started our second dive of the day. So, this time, the sun is shining, the weather is nice but the water is a chilly 5 degrees Celsius!

Buddy Brilliant

Our first open water dive was at Capernwray, November 2022. It was a rainy and blustery, but mild day. However with all the kit, the weather was hardly noticeable.

The whole experience was utterly exhilarating. There were many preparation steps to go through before we actually entered the water, but it was well worth it!

A September 2021 Weekend In Eyemouth, What Could Go Wrong?

Well actually not a lot!

Apart from Eddie doing a striptease on the quayside, ( yes his trousers fell down), Pete walking with a peg leg and a petrol shortage. Other than that, oh and the last day being lost due to bad weather it was a great weekend.

Pembroke, June 2021 – Week 1

During 2019, Tessa organised a trip to Pembroke to dive with X, it was so over subsribed that she put on a second week. Then COVID-19 hit, and the two weeks were pushed back to 2021.

Those who were on week 1 had some really great weather, sunny or over cast most days, with great sea conditions. We only missed the last day.

Social Distancing At St Abbs And Eyemouth

After a strange start to 2020, Sheffield Scuba managed to get out on a planned trip to dive St Abbs, and stay in Eyemouth in August 2020.

We were all learning the new COVID-19 protocols, plus some additional rules that Scotland had in place over and above England.

Training At Capernwray

Dive Leader and Sports Diver training at Capernwray last weekend. We braved the snow on the high ground over the Pennines there and back, but it was a balmy 8c in the water 🙂

Plenty of skills accomplished!

Blown Out At St Abbs…. Wast Water It Is Then!!

A group of five of us, two instructors (Matt and Chris), a Dive Leader (Tim – the trip organiser) and two of the newly qualified Ocean Divers (Catherine and Louise) set off at 10am for a 4 hour drive over to Wast Water in the Lake District.

Spring Bank Weekend In St Abbs

A good trip to a favourite spot – now twinned with New Asgard!

Calm, sunny conditions leading up to the bank holiday weekend were promising, and we did indeed get 4 good dives on the Saturday and Sunday. By Sunday night the northerly wind had become ‘fresh’ and the prevailing conditions on Monday were less than conducive for our last day’s diving. Such are the vagaries of the UK weather!

Vivian Viz

Quick photo from the dives at Vivian today.

The visibility was the worst I’ve ever dived in!!! Maximum (at 17m) was approx 6 inches!!!

Not much fun at all!!!