BSAC Training

As a BSAC club, we offer diver training following the BSAC training program.

We welcome all divers onto our training programs, including those who are brand new to the sport as well as those who already have a qualification with any credited dive agency.

We offer the whole core training syllabus, including theory and practical sessions, for each BSAC dive level as well as a number of additional skills development courses that can help you fine-tune your diving skills or introduce you to new equipment and techniques such as dry suits and Twin Sets.

By joining our club and being a member of BSAC you will also have access to a huge range of courses run by the different BSAC regional teams.

So whether you have only done a try dive, already have an entry-level qualification or are a hardened and experienced UK diver, we are sure to have something we can offer you.

BSAC Ocean DIver

Ocean Diver is the first qualification level in the BSAC training structure. Once qualified it allows diving to a depth of 20m and gives you the core skills to enjoy this amazing sport safely. If you have no previous diving qualification this is the place to start.

BSAC Sports Diver

Sports Diver builds on the skills learnt in the Ocean Diver course and allows for depth progression to 40m. If you already hold a Ocean diver qualification (or equivalent qualification such as PADI Open Water) then your training will progress from here.

Further Training

BSAC offers many more training levels and skills development courses (SDCs) to further progress your understanding and diving depth. These include such things as Leaning how to use a twin set, advanced decompression procedures and photography workshops.

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