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Try Dive?

If you fancy learning to Scuba Dive, most people start with a try dive to see if scuba diving is for them. We can arrange one on most Wednesday evenings at our pool session at Ponds Forge. Once you get in contact, we usually just need a week's notice to organise an instructor and gear - all you need is a T shirt, swimming costume/shorts and £15.

You do need to be medically fit - if you have any concerns we can put you in touch with a doctor with experience of the requirements for diving. We will ask you to fill in a simple medical form before the try dive. 

Please contact us via the form on the home page, send us a Facebook message or an email to arrange a try dive.

We offer Try Dive vouchers that can be used as a gift or just for you, here's an example:

Already a Qualified Diver?

If you have completed your diver training with BSAC,  PADI or another organisation we welcome you to join Sheffield Scuba 36. Our diving officer will review your qualifications and advise you about where you will fit in the club and discuss if you would like any further training. Come down to Ponds Forge on a Wednesday evening at 20:30 and have a chat, or to the Old Queens Head from about 22:00, or please contact us via the form on the home page, send us a Facebook message or an email to arrange a try dive.

Training with the club

New members will receive all of the relevant training required to make them a safe scuba diver. We have BSAC qualified instructors who can provide training to Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver.

Initial training is to Ocean Diver for new recruits, whereas if you join as a pre-qualified diver, then you would start at a level equivalent to your grade.

We have club equipment that we can rent to you for the duration of your course to use at the pool and in open water.

Each course has a number of theory sessions which usually run before the pool session on a Wednesday from 7pm in Sheffield centre, however we can make alternative arrangements if needed.

When you join the club, you will also join BSAC and receive the monthly Scuba magazine and third party insurance.  Your club membership fee gives you access to the pool sessions on a Wednesday between 9pm and 10pm.

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