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Scuba Diving with us! :)

Current members, click here for your Annual Diving Member Certification Documents

Every week our club members meet on a Wednesday night at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre we have the pool between 21:00 - 22:00 and usually arrive from 20:30. 

We regularly head to our favourite UK based dive sites, such as St Abbs, or the Farne Islands. You'll also catch us at in land sights such as Capernwray, Stoney Cove, NDAC, where we practice, train and have a laugh. 

Our divers have varying qualifications from entry level as Ocean Diver's who are building experience, to Advanced Divers and Instructors who have been diving for years and have hundreds to thousands of dives. 

Take a look at our Member Stories page to see where we've been. Now that you're itching to join us, get in touch via our contact section on the home page or via Facebook

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