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Blown out at St Abbs.... Wast Water it is then!!

Tim had organised a trip to St Abbs for our newly qualified Ocean Divers to have their first sea dives up at St Abbs. Unfortunately the weather was not with us, and the sea state was not safe to head out. We had all travelled up on the Friday night with the small possibility that we would get in for at least one dive on the Saturday morning. It was not to be....

Some of the group went off to Bamburgh Castle for a walk in the rain, and then back to Sheffield.

A group of five of us, two instructors (Matt and Chris), a Dive Leader (Tim - the trip organiser) and two of the newly qualified Ocean Divers (Catherine and Louise) set off at 10am for a 4 hour drive over to Wast Water in the Lake District.

We arrived around 14:30 and had a great time exploring in the lake. We followed a rope down to around 20m, and looked at a set of memorials to divers who had lost their lives at other places - placed by their clubs in memory. We also looked off the deep drop off from 20m down to 74m! It looked dark!

The visibility was fantastic, at least 10m.

After that, we had a long drive back to Sheffield, around 4 hours - it was well worth it, even if we only did one dive. Its great to go exploring and try somewhere new, and it means the weekend was successful, even if we failed to get out in to the sea.

Here are a few photos from the trip.

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