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If you are brand new to Scuba Diving, click here for info.

If you are already a qualified diver and joining the club to undertake further training, click here for info.

Brand new to Scuba Diving?

​So, what are you training towards? We train all new divers to become a BSAC Ocean Diver. This is the first level on the diving ladder, and introduces you to the key skills for scuba diving, and most importantly critical safety and rescue skills. 

  • Training starts on a Wednesday night and will include Theory and Practical sessions in the pool at Ponds Forge

  • Training progresses at your own pace – each new experience built upon step by step. You will recieve quality time with nationally qualified instructors to ensure you learn in the most effective way

  • As part of your weekly training, you will get to work with a number of the club's volunteer instructors, learning skills and techniques from each instructor - a real great benefit of club diving

  • As part of learning to dive with the club, you will not only get the theory and practical training, there are also many social aspects, such as time in the pub after the pool session, gatherings on other evenings or weekends, pleasure diving trips, such as weekends or weeks away, and training trips to complete your practical training in open water. Club life is often best described as being part of a family. The more you put in, the more you get out!

So specifically, on the Ocean Diver course, you will:

  • Learn how to use basic dive gear, including your mask, fins and snorkel

  • Control your buoyancy and underwater movements

  • Understand your basic scuba diving safety skills – you’ll find out the importance of time, depth and gas and discover how to plan and manage your diving, and how to rescue someone in need of your help

  • Learn how to use Nitrox to make your diving safer

  • The course is delivered via:

    • Six theory modules and a mulitple choice assessment at the end

    • A range of skills to be completed in the pool, which are grouped in to five lessons

    • A range of skills to be repeated and extended in "open water", which is a diving quarry, or the sea, which are grouped in to four lessons

    • With all of the above, it is often spread out over additional sessions to ensure that everyone is competent and confident in their ability to undertake the skills, and we will work at your pace.

Ocean Diver is just the start of your diving journey. There is every opportunity to progress to higher BSAC grades and build experience at a pace that suits you. Most divers choose to move to their Sports Diver soon after completing Ocean Diver.

What you will get?

You will get a training pack, current cost £40 + P&P, which will be ordered by the Training Officer following you signing up.  This includes:

  • A qualification record book (QRB). This is used to track your training progress and is your official record of training. The Training Officer will also keep a record of your progress, however you should remember to bring your QRB along to all sessions, so that it can be updated and signed when necessary

  • Student notes for the course

  • The Diving Manual

  • A free Qualification Card application form

Ready to get started?

  • Theory lessons are usually scheduled to run on a Wednesday evening prior to the pool session. If you cannot attend a theory or pool session, please let the training officer know. That way they can plan resources accordingly. Please make every effort to attend each theory session. However, if you miss a session, we will make arrangements for you to catch up.

  • Pool sessions run each week, please aim to be in the pool side room for 20:30, and ready to start your lesson. We have the pool from 21:00 - 22:00 each Wednesday.

Already qualified to Scuba Dive?

If you are already qualified to dive via another agency, you can find out where your qualification translates to BSAC here. Sheffield Scuba can review your skills and offer instruction and advice so that you assimilate to our grade structure. You can then progress through the BSAC grades as far as you wish.

Brand new to Scuba Diving?
Already qualified to Scuba Dive?
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