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  • What do i do if i cannot attend a theory session, pool session or open water dive

Please inform the club instructors ASAP via the Training Whatsapp group, or if it is an open water trip, please contact the instructor leading it. Note if you cancel from an open water trip, you may be liable to share a portion of the fuel or hotel costs.

  • How much does diving gear cost?
    As with most specialist gear, there can be a huge range in prices, but budget on £100 upwards for a pair of sea fins, mask and snorkel. Wetsuits for UK diving start from around £150 and drysuits from £500, going up to over £1,000 for a top-end drysuit. To fully equip a diver, expect to pay around £1,500 although if your kit is well-maintained this will be a long-term investment. Talk to us about your priorities. There is some good second hand kit out there, and some things to very much avoid! Your kit will last you years and years, so worth a good investment. It also holds resale value.

  • Can I get Club clothing
    A range of clothing with the Sheffield Scuba logo embroidered on is available. We group orders together, so let us know if you would like anything. Please see the Club clothing form for range available.

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