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Before you go diving in the pool, or elsewhere, you'll need to take note of the following.

Notifying the Diving Officer (DO)

During your initial training, all your diving activity will be closely supervised by your instructors who are responsible to the Diving Officer for all aspects of safety. As you progress and qualify, or if you are already qualified, you will be able to arrange your own diving with a buddy or group (one of the big benefits of training with BSAC!). When you go diving without an instructor, or on a trip, it is is very important that the Diving Officer is informed of all diving activity, so that they can verify that safe practices are being followed and offer any help and guidance.

Safety is very important and the Diving Officer (DO) will require to know that all diving activities are conducted in accordance with BSAC’s Safe Diving Practices.

You must also certify your fitness to dive by completing a medical declaration on an annual basis. If you are unable to complete the form, meeting all the requirements for fitness, you may need to be referred to a specialist diving doctor. This is often a formality, but safety for you and your buddy is paramount, so it is vital that all questions are answered correctly. Please contact the Diving Officer about this.

Every member of the club must obide by the Rules of the Road, which contain risk assessments and agreed diving practices of informing the DO of diving activitity that you are involved in. Check out the Risk Assessments / Rules of the Road page for further details.

Equipment (storage and help)

The Club can provide all the equipment you need for your initial pool training - mask, fins, snorkel, regulator set and buoyancy compensating device (BCD). There is a hire cost for this (New Member cost sheet). Although this Club equipment is available to hire whilst you train (hire agreement), purchasing your own equipment is encouraged - that way you become very familiar with it, which helps enormously when you progress to open water. Plenty of advice is available from experienced members - just ask us!

When you progress to open water, and especially in the UK, you will also require a drysuit (wetsuit is a possibility, but UK diving is considered cold water diving even in the summer). These can be hired from dive shops and centres, but you may want to purchase your own to ensure a good fit and familiarisation, again ask us for advice!


Club cylinders are stored at Ponds Forge for use by Ocean Diver trainees at the weekly pool sessions. The cost of filling these for use in the pool is covered by the equipment hire charge. When used for open water training, the filling cost is the responsibility of the Trainee and cylinders should be returned full.

If a non Ocean Diver trainee club member wishes to use a cylinder, please pay as you go, referring to the (hire agreement), this is to be paid to the treasurer.

There are several places where cylinders can be filled in Sheffield, but we recommend SDS Watersports at Halfway.


Club equipment is stored at Ponds Forge. When you arrive for your training sessions, you will learn to select and assemble your own equipment. Please also help the instructors to put all the equipment away afterwards.

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