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Communication and Data protection

In order to communicate efficiently as a Club we need your permission to store your contact details for membership purposes, and to be able to pass on relevant information. We will never pass your details on to anyone outside the Club membership without your permission.


We would like to add your contact details to an club email distribution list ( and WhatsApp group(s), so that all members can communicate effectively regarding trips, training, social events and all matters pertaining to Club activity.

We have the following WhatsApp Groups:

  • Everyone (all opted in club members)

  • Training (all opted in members who are in training)

  • Instructors (all opted in members who are part of the instruction team)

  • Committee (all opted in committee members)


Also, when we go diving on open water trips and training, we need to record your emergency contact details. In the unlikely event that these are required, it would be vital that we could contact your nominated person.


Please ensure you have completed our New Member Contact Information Collection Form

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