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We're offering regular beginner classes! Want to learn to scuba dive?

​We take on a number of people who are completely new to scuba diving every year. The initial training we provide will take you to the level of BSAC Ocean Diver, a qualification that you can use anywhere in the world to dive up to a depth of 20m.

Your training will include theory sessions, a theory test, pool training sessions and finish off with open water training at one of various inland dive sites.

These sites are filled with all sorts of things to discover: boats, helicopters, planes, APCs, Diving bells and more...

Over the recent years, club members have been to the Red Sea in Egypt, Malta and Gozo, Portugal, Baltimore Ireland abroad, and St Abbs, Eyemouth, Pembroke, Scapa, Mull and many more in the UK. Trips away have always been amazing, filled with stunning diving and fun social events.

Once you are qualified you can join in on the many pleasure trips throughout the year. Have a look at our members stories to see what we get up to.


If you fancy learning to scuba dive, most people start with a try dive to see if scuba diving is for them. We can arrange try dives on most Wednesday evenings at our pool session at Ponds Forge.


Once you get in contact, we usually just need a week's notice to organise an instructor and gear -
all you need is a t-shirt, swimming costume/shorts, towel and £15.

You do need to be medically fit - if you have any concerns we can put you in touch with a doctor with experience of the requirements for diving.

We will need to ask you to fill in a simple medical form before the try dive. 

Please contact us via the form on the home page, send us a Facebook message or an email to arrange a try dive.

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