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Annual Diving Member Certification

As a member of Sheffield Scuba, to keep everyone safe, all Diving members must complete the Annual Diving Member Certification. To complete the annual certification, you must do the following and respond in writing via email to the Membership Secretary and Diving Officer:

  1. Read and understand the Risk Assessments on this page

  2. Read the BSAC Diving Officer and Diving Member Responsibilities page here.

  3. Confim you are medically fit to dive, and that you have a valid medical form that is true at this point

    • .i.e. has your status has not changed?

    • Self-Certification is valid for 1 year only.

    • Please read the BSAC guidance here.

    • A guide from the club on how complete your medical if you have had COVID-19 here

  4. Ensure you log your dive details, per the dive management sheets DOWNLOAD HERE and send to the DO after your dive

  5. Ensure you have read and understood the COVID-19 guidance HERE.

  6. Follow the requirements for submitting Diving Plans to the Diving Officer (DO) as mentioned below to help everyone have a safe and successful dive:

  • For Ocean and Sports Divers, the DO will need full detailed plans agreed in advance. 

  • Dive Leaders, Advanced Divers, and Instructors, the DO will need a high-level plan of what will be undertaken, as the DO will delegate responsibility and Dive Management to those individuals with high levels of training and experience.

  • The caveat is when divers are going on a diving holiday with guided diving, where plans are not really possible till just before diving – in this case, a general summary of expected diving will suffice in advance of the trip.

Risk Assessments

The following risk assessments are designed to ensure the safety and welbeing of you and your fellow club members. Please ensure you are familiar with them and contact the Diving Officer if you wish to discuss:

What I need to do if I am going Diving?

In order that Sheffield Scuba and its members adhere to BSAC policy to maintain safe and fun diving as specified here: BSAC Diving Officer and Diving Member Responsibilities, please ensure that you follow the steps in document here in advance of going diving.

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