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Tom Colbenson

My role is to be the focal point for the club. I meet new members and run committee meetings. If you need anything come and find me.


Membership Secretary & Treasurer

Catherine Spicer

My role is to track club membership and funds. I work with BSAC to ensure that all members have joined both Sheffield Scuba and BSAC.


Equipment Officer

Evan Norton

I am looking after the club equipment to ensure it is safe and in working order for club training and diving


Diving Officer

Matt Newbound

The role of Dive Officer is to promote safe diving within the club and address any concerns that may be raised by members. Responsible for reviewing and enforcing changes made by BSAC. Also responsible for ensuring that Instructors are aware of changes to the training syllabus.


Communications Officer

Dan Loch

My role is to keep the content on the website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube up to date. I  organise social events and any other communications duties.

I am also a BSAC Assistant Open Water Instructor.


Welfare Officer and Social Secretary

Abbie Wilson

My role is to organise social events for the club such as Christmas meals, we are currently looking to arrange social nights for every last friday of the month and ensure that all members of the club are treat fairly and correctly.

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