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Already qualified to dive?

We welcome divers of all qualifications, from all agencies. Whether you have an entry-level qualification, are highly experienced, an instructor, have dived while abroad or are a hardened UK diver, we have something to offer you!!

Although we are a BSAC branch, you can carry on diving within the limits of your qualification from any recognised diving organisation to dive with us. We're also happy to train you how to dive in a drysuit if you have only dived abroad. 

Most people join us at the Ocean Diver level, and then train for Sports Diver. For people who are interested doing more advanced training to BSAC Dive Leader or beyond, the club offers training at all levels throughout the year. We also run a number of skill development courses, such as Buoyancy and Trim.

We are also keen to welcome new instructors to the club. We have an active training schedule and can always use another keen pair of hands. If you are a diving instructor from another agency, and would like to continue teaching, it is a very easy process to cross over and become a BSAC Instructor. For more information, get in contact with the Diving Officer.

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